First Nation Concrete Construction, LLC of Las Vegas & Henderson, Nevada guarantees only the best quality work on your next construction job. Whether it's a driveway extension or a pool resurfacing - First Nation has you covered!


About Wade Lizotte, Owner & Operator:

bbbMr. Lizotte has been in business in the Southern Nevada area for over 20 years and devotes himself to providing hands-on care in designing, building & developing projects that are top of the line. He delivers professional work with integrity and dedication, meeting and exceeding standards set by the construction industry. Mr. Lizotte's experience includes pouring 1500 yds concrete in one day and being entrusted with a half million dollar parking deck.

Feel free to contact us and we will get back to you within 24 hours. Mr. Lizotte and his team are confident that they can help you complete your dream project from start to finish.


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